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Young teenage girl top practicing EFT or emotional freedom technique - tapping on side of

Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping, is a powerful research based methodology used for healing mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually by tapping on certain points of the body.

  • What is the difference between EFT & CLINICAL EFT?
    What I do is called CLINICAL EFT Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an evidence-based method with 48 distinct techniques that combine acupressure with elements drawn from cognitive and exposure therapies; it has been validated in research studies the meet the requirements of the American Psychological Association (APA) Research demonstrates Clinical EFT works quickly and effectively for the following conditions (but not limited to): Anxiety Athletic Performance Depression Pain & Physical Symptoms Phobias PTSD Weight Loss, Cravings, & Addiction For more detailed information about Clinical EFT, click here For more detailed information about Clinical EFT Research & Studies, click here For Stories of Healing, click here For more specific information related to Military PTSD, please visit Veterans Stress Solution
  • What challenges / issues do you work with?
    One of my passions is to empower and inspire others, so I love doing EFT sessions relating to limiting beliefs like “I’m not (fill in the blank) enough.” Another passion of mine is being ‘fit.’ Being a previous fitness trainer, massage & bodyworker, current strength trainer, and life long nutrition nut, I LOVE working with issues relating to cravings, emotional eating, and athletic performance. *If you need assistance with grief / loss, I will refer you to someone who specializes in it.
  • Will I see results in one session?
    Typically, yes, but I can not, nor will not guarantee results for the work that YOU do.
  • Can I do EFT on my own?
  • Why should I pay you if I can do EFT on my own???
    Another great question! My ultimate goal is to actually teach you how to do EFT on your own so that you may utilize it any time you need it! After all, SELF-MASTERY is all about mastering your SELF, right? There are many issues that you can use EFT for on yourself, but for other issues, you’ll have quicker results by working with a practitioner like me. Have you ever heard the statement, “Even coaches hire coaches?” Think Tony Robbins…
  • What qualifies you as a Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner?
    I have completed EFT Universe’s standardized training in the full range of EFT techniques and professional ethics, carry insurance, have documented client case histories, and am required to update my knowledge through recertification every two years. I have personally studied under Dawson Church, PhD, whom I think is one of the most phenomenal, kind, and generous humans I’ve ever met! Read more about EFT Universe here Read more about Dawson, Church, PhD here
  • How much do you charge for EFT Sessions?
    3 Sessions for $360 = $30 Savings 6 Sessions for $630 = $150 Savings For single sessions, please schedule via this link Introductory Special = 20m FREE when you sign up Create an account and choose me as your practitioner
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