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"Imagine Falling In Love
With Your SELF"

- Tamey Greene
About Section
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Tamey Greene

Specializing in Transformation & SELF-Mastery


"I was absolutely blown away by how amazing I felt after one session of EFT with Tamey Greene. She enabled me to work through some limiting beliefs that had been with me since my youth. Her techniques are easy to follow & she is the consummate professional. She created a safe place for me to work through some painful memories & I came out the other side feeling lighter and stronger."   Lori D

"As human beings our greatness lies not so much in being able to re-make the world, as in being able to re-make ourselves."
                                  ~Mahatma Gandhi


Let me help you live your BEST life in Mind, Body, & Soul by mastering your Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual SELF. Release emotional blocks with EFT (mind), reset your health with coaching (body), and review your natal chart with Astrology (soul).

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Allow me to help you live as your best SELF in Mind, Body & Soul! 

- Tamey Greene

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Coming Soon: SELF-Mastery Course! 

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